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Keep it simple!

Everything is easier when you work with a Vertitron JTI-701 Residential Elevator Controller.

VMI residential controllers offer standard specifications like single automatic push button operation, up to four landings, and emergency battery lowering. Everything that's important to your customers - and nothing that isn't!

You'll find the JTI-701 is not only simple to spec but is simple to maintain. It's designed using relay logic and plugable terminals which allow you to replace those parts easily and inexpensively. And smart details, like the 10-Amp car light circuit with auto shut-off timer, extend the life of elevator car lights and minimize minor (but expensive) service calls.

The efficient design also means short lead times - orders usually ship within one to two weeks. All VMI residential controllers include easy-to-follow field wiring diagrams and a complete installation manual.

Vertitron offers contractors efficiency, economy, and reliability. How? Every residential controller is manufactured with over 15 years of experience.

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  • Up to four landings
  • Relay logic design
  • Single automatic push button operation
  • 24 VDC fixture / valve interface
  • 24"w x 24"h enclosure with lift-off cover


  • Emergency battery lowering
  • 10-Amp car light circuit with auto shut-off timer
  • Door open bell
  • Plugable terminals
  • Homing
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