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The VMI / EMS integrated control system incorporates the EMS freight door controller into the VMI Hydraulic elevator control panel. This saves time and money for the elevator contractor.



  • Can be ordered for either the latest edition of the ANSI A17.1 code.
  • One panel to mount and wire reduces field time and saves space in the machine room
  • 1 set of schematics simplifies the wiring process and reduces the potential for field wiring mistakes
  • Cost savings on the purchase price (1 controller versus 2)
  • Requires only one disconnect in the elevator machine room
  • On-board elevator diagnostic tool logs faults that pertain to the door functions along with the time and date that the fault occured
  • 8-16 hours of field labor savings


  • Freight Mods where the elevator is retained and only the elevator controller and doors are being upgraded.
  • Existing hydraulic freight elevators with EMS doors and gates
  • New freight elevators provided by Minnesota Elevator, Inc.


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