Meet The

Steve Romnes

  • President / Owner
  • Been with Vertitron forever
  • Worked in field as elevator mechanic for 10+ years
  • Founding developer of Reflex and original Appello
  • Loves people & passionate about giving back
  • Younglife Leader and enjoys being a positive influence for youth
  • Known in the elevator industry for pushing the envelope
  • Wife Cindy, daughter Jordan and son Ty
  • The original Control Freak
  • Enjoys a good thrill and getting others to step outside their comfort zone
  • 2011 Ringside Champion (Senior Boxing)

Ron Romnes

  • Executive VP at MEI
  • Vertitron Co-Owner
  • Mechanic since 1982
  • Always looking for the best new tools
  • Invented the MEI Pully Bully
  • Wife Laura, (7) kids Johnny, Tacy, Brody, Tate, Ellie, Ailee & Levi
  • Lives in a house that was built in the 1800’s
  • Loves house projects
  • Has identical twin daughters
  • When he orders food at work he get’s whatever Bryon is eating (hates veggie’s)
  • Can complete the Bring Sally Up pushup challenge

Bryon George

  • Operations Manager since 2017 (runs the company)
  • Product Development / Support (all things customer related)
  • Started as Test Technician in 2014
  • Trouble shooter
  • Problem solver
  • Idea generator
  • Loves working behind a desk – NEVER
  • Incredible capacity for learning new things (explains why he is in charge after 3 years)
  • Married has 1 daughter and 1 son
  • Would die if burgers and fries were to disappear
  • Eats nothing that has vegetables even close to it

Denny Miller

  • Engineering / Customer Support @ Vertitron since 2006
  • Can fix anything (the original MacGyver) 
  • Loves to teach / help others solve problems   
  • Loved by all customers
  • Owns (2) Porsche 928’s but never drives them
  • Pro-Gun would be an understatement 
  • Could live on Avocados and canned Tuna
  • Always learning and looking for ways to make things better

Barry (Bear) Danks

  • Test Technician / Parts Sales @ Vertitron since 2014
  • Repairs obsolete boards to keep your elevator running
  • Soldering artist
  • Bass guitarist 
  • Loves anything CNC / 3D related
  • Has 3D printed a 3D printer 
  • Has 1 daughter and 2 grandkids
  • First Car 1973 Ford Truck

Stef Janike

  • Customer Service/ Project coordinator Since 2017
  • Handles quote requests, job processing and parts ordering
  • Liaison between customer and engineering 
  • Married has 1 son and 1 daughter 
  • Most likely to drop an F-Bomb at a meeting
  • Has dropped the F-Bomb at a meeting…
  • Loves to travel favorite destination Costa Rica 
  • Favorite food- Mexican food Enchiladas 
  • First car -Purple (favorite color) 1996 Buick Park Ave

Stephen Iversen

  • Software Engineer @ Vertitron since 2018
  • Handles all things software including firmware and web development
  • Fluent in several programming languages including PHP, Javascript, MYSQL database, C, C++ C#
  • Enjoys solving complex math problems in his free time (Has a whiteboard in his Livingroom for this)
  • Knows PI 100 places past the decimal
  • Has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Has solved a rubik’s cube in less than a minute
  • Gets a haircut once a year whether he needs it or not
  • Passionate about reading and learning
  • First Car- 94 Buick LeSabre

Cindy Gudahl

  • Production Manager @ Vertitron since 2018
  • Joined the team in 2014
  • Manages day to day work with production crew and Shipping/Receiving
  • Known Steve since elementary school 
  • Considered one of the local folk
  • Not afraid to work, willing to learn
  • Married has 1 son and 1 daughter also a proud grandmother of 3
  • Enjoys time at the lake with her family
  • Looks out for everyone
  • Great team leader and team player
  • First car-1976 Monte Carlo

Darlene Archerd

  • Runs all things in Accounting since 2004
  • Also backs up the MEI receptionist 
  • Married 
  • Favorite food-Roast Beef
  • Has traveled the most of any employee… Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark… 

Bri Robeck-Schwartz

  • Controller Assembly since 2017
  • Meticulous at wiring panels
  • Shy and quiet but can be feisty when needed
  • Not afraid to put in a good hard days work
  • Owns horses and enjoys riding
  • Married
  • Willing to learn anything except COP’s
  • Awesome team player and ready to jump into a heavy work load
  • First car-2000 Jeep Cherokee

Dawn Jensen

  • Controller Assembly since 2018
  • Always smiling
  • Has 5 kids and 1 grandkid
  • Loves reading, quilting & baking
  • Trips to family cabin “Up North” 
  • First car-1980 Chevy Caprice Classic

Sarah Langworthy

  • Controller Assembly since 2018
  • Layout and drilling specialist 
  • Has 1 son and 1 daughter
  • Co-ed sand volleyball player
  • Loves watching her kids sporting events
  • Enjoys being outside barefoot and having drinks by the fire
  • First car- Geo Tracker (soft top) stick shift

Jordan Karels

  • Controller Assembly since 2018
  • Has 1 daughter
  • Still with his high school sweetheart
  • Grew up less than 2 miles from Vertitron
  • Enjoys Hunting and Fishing