Mobile Application


APELLO+ allows building operators and owners to call elevator cars on demand from remote locations using mobile devices and PCs. The system is economical to install and easy to use.

  • Call specific elevators to specific floors on demand.

  • Open, close and hold doors with or without timers

  • Link to building automation systems

  • View elevators current location and if loaded or empty

  • User permission management

  • For iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and smart devices

Ideal For

  • VIPs

  • Luxury Residential

  • Building Supervisors

  • Vehicle Lifts

  • Forklift and Delivery Drivers

  • People with physical disabilities


  • Web based particle proton module

  • Access via building WiFi or Cellular network

  • Requires 120VAC or 24VDC at the controller with access to the car call or hall call connections and PI signals

  • Custom Vertitron User Interface

  • User Management

  • Terminals provided that wire in with your existing car or hall cars

  • Inputs for position signals

  • Optional features: Door Open/Close, Door Hold, Load Indicator


Elevator Keyfob


Vertitron’s elevator remote control system is designed to give a passenger the ability to call an elevator to a floor with a small handheld keyfob transmitter.   A system can be custom designed and built to meet your needs.

Optional Accessories

  • Signal Lighting System