You asked for it! Developed from customer ideas and feedback, VMI is proud to offer the PDU8400-a completely field-programmable car position indicator. Custom display programming (and reprogramming) for ANY 2-digit alpha/numeric combination is fast and easy.

Spec the VMI PDU8400 with confidence, knowing that it is compatible with virtually any other manufacturer’s controllers. And, since one unit will fit all of your jobs, specifications are simplified and installation time is shorter.

Save time and expense involved with factory reprogramming and part replacement. The plugable display components allow you to replace those parts in the field.

Standard Features

  • Field-programmable for ANY 2-digit alpha/numeric combination
  • 120 vac interface
  • Plugable display components
  • 18 available inputs (One line per floor)
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Scrolling message display capabilities (Contact VMI about programming custom (scrolling messages)
  • Adjustable scrolling message speed